Not Working: vBulletin “What’s New?” Search

So, putting together a new website I ran in to an obscure problem. vBulletin’s “What’s new?” button wasn’t working.

The cPanel was coming back with a similar error to this:

[notice] EACCELERATOR(#####): PHP crashed on opline 62 of method_exists() at /public_html/vb/search/criteria.php:844, referer:

You shouldn’t need to disable eAccelerator. Simply try this:

1. Open & Edit forum/vb/search/criteria.php
2. Search method_exist
3. Replace line:

if (method_exists($this->search_type, ‘get_display_name’))


if (is_object($this->search_type) && is_callable($this->search_type->get_display_name()))

4. Save & Enjoy!