Too Many Too Soon? New Video Explores The Question

“Too many, too soon!” is the favored battle cry of the anti-vaccine crowd. Too many shots, too many antigens, too close together.”

AcademicEarth believes that everyone has the right to a world-class education, and recognizing the existing barriers in academia, they have continued their efforts to curate a collection of free online courses from the world’s top universities.

This video specifically looks at just one canard anti-vaccine parents cite as why they refuse to vaccinate, and why it’s misguided.

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Video from AcademicEarth: Too Many Too Soon?

Homeopathy By Dummies


Earlier this morning, Guy Chapman made reference to a website called “FitnessGoop”. They have a Homeopath named Sonya McLeod, whose profile states her as “Classical Homeopathic Practitioner & Health Journalist (Expert)”.

Now, I’m not quite sure when being a “Classical Homeopathic Practitioner & Health Journalist” began to be summerized as an “Expert” – But, Apparently the “Bad-Mannered” people at FitnessGoop think having no medical degree, let alone one in nutrition, made you an “Expert”.

FitnessGoop: Aptly named.

It’s really no surprise that she writes articles over at NaturalNews, either. But, you know you’re in good hands – She has something way better than a Medical Degree! Continue reading →