I spent much of my time today syncing my iPhone. It took 5 hours to sync 1,407 photos, and this meant I would have to postpone my Podcast Sync till I drift off to sleep.

Now, for work I generally listen to the radio – Talkback, infact as it helps keep me awake while driving. Since the iPhone has been a recent addition to my Batbelt, I’ve only recently taken to looking at Podcasts, and I’ve found many interesting listens.

I’m now subscribed to Video Podcasts on Scamming, which is more about practical bar tricks to get a free drink out of your mates.

I’ve got a few Science podcasts; one focused on Psychology, and another also on the latest in weekly advancements in Science. I’m still yet to listen to them, but I’m sure they’ll be interesting!

But, my favourites have been the Stand-up Comedy podcasts. There are some bad ones, some good ones, and some that are horrendously offensive – but still strangely amusing.

I’ll keep the blog updated with any special mentions.