DGN2000 Firmware Update Failure (Power LED flashes Red and Green)

What a fun night. Having tried updating my routers’ firmware and the update fail, I called NETGEAR who were less than helpful with their “We can’t do anything because it’s not under warranty” response.

Hopefully this may help someone else.


After Upgrading the firmware via wireless the routers’ power light constantly flashes red and green.


  1. Download the initial release firmware for your region: http://kbserver.netgear.com/release_notes/d103335.asp
  2. Connect your router via Ethernet.
  3. Restart your router.
  4. Go to: http://www.routerlogin.com/basicsetting.htm (this is your router and is a local connection)
  5. Upload the firmware, and
  6. Follow On-screen instructions.

Your old settings should still remain.
You can now update to the latest firmware.