Briefly on National Identity

Every year around Australia Day, the topic of the Australian Flag and National Anthem is resurrected by the media and republican lobbyists.

During a radio segment on 2GB by Bill Cruise, I decided to write in regarding the ignorance by Australians of it’s history; but specifically – the national anthem.


What the lack of knowledge reflects is a society that has been guilted into ignoring its own national culture in an attempt escape its history.

In the same way you would expect a Christian to know all of “Our Father”, not just half of it. It is important.

Australians are being made to feel guilty over the tresspasses of past generations, and are encouraged to change everything that may provide a perceived connection to the past – such as our national flag, our anthem, and the push for Australia to become a republic.

Australia should be proud of its vast accomplishments and mindful of the suffering it has placed on particular people.

Affirmations, I don’t believe are needed – but certainly, there are those in Australia that both migrate and those who are born here with no respect for this nation, or it’s people.

Racism is present in EVERY community; and the various agencies, committees, foundations set up to provide services only for secular communities only serve to further segregate the Australian People.

We have the nature to accept values and cultural rituals from foreign nations that are compatible with our own, but we must not be so naive as to believe that every cultural and religious belief will be cohesive with all Australians.

Only one law should rule this nation, one voice should unite us, and only one name should stand for the land beneath our feet – Australia