Perisher: The Trip There


Mandy’s birthday was on Thursday, and while a chunk was spent packing, the majority was spent driving south-west. For her birthday, we took a trip to Perisher, a Ski Resort nestled amongst the Snowy Mountains about 5.5hrs outside Sydney.

On the way to our Accommodation in Cooma we passed a number of dead animals, surprisingly more wombats were sighted than Kangaroos, with some of the wombats being some impressively massive blocks of meat.

We drove right through the Australian Capital Territory without having to get out of the car, and was surprised at just how populated the ACT actually is.

A few more hours driving in the dark (while listening to Episode 6 of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS streamed over YouTube) and we made it to Cooma.

We stayed at a nice little place – the Cooma Motor Lodge, the first accommodation on the left when entering Cooma. Rates were cheap – and even cheaper because I got them from – the only downside was the fact there is was no cooking allowed in our room, there’s a kettle, just no toaster or microwave.

The Cooma Motor Lodge has central heating – non adjustable, a decent HD Widescreen TV with Digital and Austar, and was clean and comfortable.


I would however suggest bringing along a small heater .. The temperature was bearable, but can get chilly!