The Government is Lying about Vaccines again! .. or not.

A commenter on this mother-based website’s article noted that she didn’t care for information that comes from the Government, or from any of its arms.

It seems she won’t accept the data, not on the basis on the accuracy of the data – she doesn’t care if it’s right or wrong. Apparently, it’s automatically wrong BECAUSE it’s from the government:

Reduced symptoms & Increased Mortality Rate vs Reduced Mortality Rate: A hard choice, apparently

What I’d be interested in is just where she, and others like her are getting their “facts” from?

The concept is quite odd, given that Governments are generally the only one in a position to gather the rich data sets – and it’s often quite easy for someone to say “Government” and disassociate the idea of a collective from the vast number of people that work towards the running on a country – many of which would need to be implicated in such a conspiracy.

Most, if not all private institutions don’t have the capacity to gather statistical information as rich as the government can – so, on what reliable, statistically significant DATA is she acting upon? I suggest none.

It’s cynicism.

I suppose, like all conspiracy theorists – there are only two options available when they refuse to believe that others are correct. Either everyone is wrong, or everyone is lying. It’s often too far fetched for them to believe that they themselves could EVER be wrong – and it’s that kind of willful ignorance that gets people infected, and killed.

So, kudos to the parents who vaccinate! – It’s sensible, rational, and responsible.

Three Degrees of Seperation: Agrohomeopathy to Anti-Vaxers – From one nutter to the next

So, after receiving a goading Tweet from a London-based homeopath called Vaikunthanath Kaviraj (Author of an Agrohomeopathy book) to take him to court over his Homeopathy claims, I decided to take a look at just what his claims were. — They were nothing spectacular; more unsubstantiated tripe – of which he is selling a book about.

The first link I came across was an Australian Website called “Homeopathy Plus!” – The article (Found at explained that in 1990 he moved to Western Australia where he developed and tested several new agrohomeopathic remedies and established a business selling them. It also explains how his business failed.

The website itself sells a plethora of 30c vials, and makes representations that Homeopathy can treat AIDS and Cancer without “toxic side effects”; and overall, the website’s claims simply piss me off, that people can either be such blatant liars, willfully ignorant, or really *that* stupid and arrogant.

The websites also specifically links to a website that advocates Homeopathy as a Treatment for Autism, and for your convenience lists Homeopaths Worldwide that will treat Autism; and according to their rules to be listed, must do so EXCLUSIVELY.

As it turns out, Vaikunthanath Kaviraj is their “resident expert” on using homeopathy for plants, soils and pests.

So, where is the 4 degrees of separation from him to Anti-Vaccination Meryl Dorey?

HomeopathyPlus! is owned by Trevor Sheffield (LinkedIn)

Apparently, Trevor has been in the “Health, Wellness and Fitness industry” since January 2002 with HomeopathyPlus!

According to his bio at LinkedIn he studied at Southern Cross University doing Criminal Law for two years; even did a stint at TAFE doing Town Planning and Valuation.

Trevor’s (what I assume is, wife, if not sister) – Fran Sheffield (LinkedIn) – is the co-registrant of the HomeopathyPlus! business and website, and self-proclaimed Director of HomeopathyPlus!

The WHOIS Search for the Website Demonstrates who the two in charge of publishing the absurd claims are:

Domain Name
Last Modified 12-Feb-2009 01:40:20 UTC
Registrar ID DDNS
Registrar Name Discount Domain Name Services
Status ok
Registrant F.M SHEFFIELD & T.M Sheffield
Registrant ID ABN 49 438 690 569
Eligibility Type Registered Business
Eligibility Name HOMEOPATHY PLUS!
Eligibility ID NSW BN 98137761
Registrant Contact ID TS3739DDNS
Registrant Contact Name Trevor Sheffield
Registrant Contact Email Visit for Web based WhoIs
Tech Contact ID CM0000DDNS
Tech Contact Name Registra Technical Support
Tech Contact Email Visit for Web based WhoIs
Name Server

And an ABN Search shows they run a Family Partnership.

ABN: 49 438 690 569

View ABN history
Last modified: 24 Jul 2003
ABN status: Active from 24 Jul 2003
Entity name: F.M SHEFFIELD & T.M Sheffield
Entity type: Family Partnership
GST registration status: Effective from 24 Jul 2003

It was Fran that is friends with, and invited Meryl Dorey (Homeopathy World Community) (Yes, President of the Anti-Vaccine “Australian Vaccination Network” Meryl Dorey) to the “By Invitation Only” community.

So there ya go – From London AgroHomeopath to Australian Anti-Vaccination Loon with 3 degrees of separation.

Perhaps someone in London might want to educate Vaikunthanath Kaviraj; informing him the rules have changed – you can’t continue making your Bullshit claims anymore and think you can get away with it.