“no one with any sense denies AGW is real”: O RLY?!

I have no problems pointing to the evidence, the problem is when people insist that their logical fallacies are better than evidence, or they choose to ignore that evidence.

It’s a problem I run in to a lot at 2UE’s David Oldfield Facebook Group.

In fact, it’s because of that dead-end reasoning I prefer promoting science and critical thinking.

However, there comes a point when reason and logic needs to be replaced with ridicule and lament; for Donald Thomas, his time was long overdue.

So, meathead Donald wants to tell me that “no one with any sense denies that AGW is real”; Is that so, Donald, is that so?

These was just a portion of his replies from one thread in the group, but given I posted these on the wall to ensure everyone could see the hypocrisy, I had to keep the number down to something less spammy. Sort of.








Rage: AGW “Skeptics”


I’m getting fed up with the same shitty arguments against AGW; that is to say, the same shitty arguments that I USED TO USE.

So, I raged a little.

David Goodridge is the “Political Director” of the Australian TEA party. Their website, a mind-numbing collection of bollocks and bullshit, calls for donations to fund what they no doubt feel is a noble cause.

He calls himself a “Pro Life Protestant” – what he means to say is that he’s misogynistic and needs a 2,000 year old book to tell him what to think and how to act.

Don’t think I’m he’s wrong about global warming BECAUSE he’s a misogynistic, credulous fool; he’s wrong because he’s shit at thinking critically.

David, along with his absent-minded cohorts frequently litter the 2UE Radio Facebook page of David Oldfield with links to the Australian TEA party website’s pages, the contents of which is nothing more than ad hominem dribble as an argument against AGW.

It should be noted, 2UE has a number of politically right-wing hosts, but not all of them are ignorant of the evidence for AGW, or at least not all of them willfully ignorant.

I have, for a while, spent some time attempting to present the evidence that global warming is occurring, and indeed how we know that it’s caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

As I noted in my rant to the left, that evidence is frequently overlooked, but when it is acknowledged it is dismissed as irrelevant.

The arguments against AGW are often a mish-mash of climate myths, which are PRATT (Points Raised a Thousand Times) and appeals to political issues as a reason that AGW theory is false.

“The Government is going to introduce a tax because of AGW.. I don’t like that, therefore AGW isn’t true.”

Not surprisingly, deniers (and most AGW skeptics) don’t understand why the statement is so blatantly stupid till you equate it to:

“The shop wants me to pay too much for the shirt.. I don’t like that, therefore the shirt does not exist.”

And even then, rather than acknowledge the fallacy, they hop to their next “Anti-AGW Checklist” point like nothing ever happened.

Not much else to say but “dunning-kruger”.


The Evidence for AGW: CO2 Levels are rising because of Fossil Fuels

It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine given the amount of CO2 we put into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (almost 30 billion tonnes), that this may have a causal link to the amount of CO2 that remains in the atmosphere; so let’s explore the empirical evidence that demonstrates that the rising CO2 levels is from Fossil Fuels.

Firstly, it is important to note that the carbon atom has several different isotopes (eg – different number of neutrons). For instance, Carbon 12 has six neutrons, whilst carbon 13 has seven.

As plants have a lower C13 to C12 ratio than the atmosphere, if rising atmospheric CO2 were from fossil fuels, the ratio of C13 to C12 in the atmosphere should fall as the fossil fuels are burnt.

And indeed, this isotope ratio falling trend is exactly what is observed: http://www.bgc.mpg.de/service/iso_gas_lab/publications/PG_WB_IJMS.pdf
This is directly measured evidence that demonstrates that fossil fuels are the source of the rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

Today’s ROFL: AGW “skeptic” uses AGW Evidence as Anti-AGW Evidence

This was gold.

Over on “Mornings with David Oldfield on 2UE” Facebook, page David Rees, a vocal anti-AGW “skeptic” declared the following as part of his overall effort to provide evidence against AGW:

An Ignorant Fool

As someone who was skeptical about AGW up until late 2010, the strides I’ve made in to better understanding the science makes me embarrassed that people like this call themselves skeptics.

The website about the “Global Cooling” claims is found at SkepticalScience.com – What I found hilarious is that the very first sentence blows his assertion out of the water.

Through-out the various posts on the “Mornings with David Oldfield on 2UE 954AM” page, I address the evidence for AGW, and each time there are countless personal attacks, quote-mining, and rafts of “errors in reasoning”. None have listed scientific evidence, preferring to present news articles that, when you read the actual paper being cited (or simply referred to in most cases) conclude the opposite to what is claimed.

Some AGW-skeptics on the Facebook page opt for a cynical rather than skeptical approach, ignoring the evidence presented and then trotted out the same PRATT (Points Raised A Thousand Times) addressed earlier. There are some however who outright declare that no evidence will sway them, despite claiming they are not deniers. .. And then, there are the Trolls, waffling on about toasters, and saying “The sun is hot.The Sun Warms Earth. It’s the sun.”

I will add that I am not aware of David Oldfield’s current views on AGW, and I do not expect the views of his listeners to be necessarily the views held by him.

I have since resigned myself to being less interested in addressing “AGW denialists” and focus on promoting science and critical thinking. I will however, be open to those genuinely looking for the evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming!