ENS Domains are human-readable addresses that make receiving crypto easier. – “Send it to bayani.eth”


Started at the Ethereum Foundation in early 2017, ENS spun off as a separate organization in 2018.

ENS.Domains provides some two features:

  1. A simple way to transact with multiple cryptocurrencies
  2. A simple way to create censorship-resistant websites with IPFS

Wallets with ENS support allow users to send crypto to locations such as “bayani.eth” instead of their long 0x… address that no one remembers.

Owners of an ENS domain can also sell or give away subdomains, such as “jeff.bezos.eth”, allowing businesses and families to have dedicated accounts.

ENS Domains can be used in place of website addresses, and poit to websites that exist on the blockchain instead of traditional web servers.

I have some ENS domains available for sale at my OpenSea account: https://opensea.io/accounts/millstrust.eth

ENS.Domains Website: https://ens.domains/
ENS.Domains Twitter: https://twitter.com/ensdomains
ENS.Domains Medium: https://medium.com/the-ethereum-name-service