Apparently a “Stuff Missed”-free week

Bugger me; what a long week.

Working my regular job and taking up extra shifts, whilst also moving to our new apartment!

I’ve not had a chance to go through news articles like I have, and haven’t done a lot of a new project: http://skepticalkids.wordpress.con – Primarily set up for newcomers to science and skepticism for those aged 7-15; I have sought volunteers to write, with some good feedback – I will be adding them tonight!

The new place is next door to a 7/11, so Slurpees are going to be a dangerous Regular addition to my diet – as are the Krispy Kreme donuts. On the plus side, I don’t have to make an epic trek to grab a snack.


The place is great; top floor and floorboards, and I get to consolidate what I have in an off-site double lock up garage in to the lock up garage at our new home.


This’ll give me the opportunity to sort through all the things I have been hoarding and send them off to family in the Philippines.

With much to do over the next few weeks, including getting a new lounge and fridge, I’m going to have to set up a few scheduled posts for some awesome videos I have had to chance to watch over the last few weeks.


Sapphire Fossicking in Glen Innes


Top: Final Destination – The furthest point north in the trip. Bottom Left: Glen Innes, the celtic country town. Bottom Right: Me, fossicking for sapphires in the local river.


A countryside shot along the New England Highway near Parkville.


Angry Clouds – As we approached Glen Innes, the chance of rain seemed high.


Long Road Ahead – Travelling along this road with my car was torture; the rocks are large and unforgiving.


Dusty: We arrive at our destination dusty, but not battered.


Top Left: Looking Upstream from a rocky pass, Top Right: Looking Upstream from the nearby campgrounds, Bottom Left: The Australian Bush, Bottom Right: A disused river dock


Top Left: The gear; Top Right: Clearing the “Wash” of dirt, Bottom Left: Sifting through the pebbles for a hint of blue; Bottom Right: Looking upstream from the fossicking area.

Geocaching at Long Reef Headland

My cousin and I were geocaching out at Long Reef Headland, it was a bit of a walk getting there and surprisingly this came right over head:


Being a headland offered some great views of the Northern Beaches, both up north and south. This was overlooking Collaroy and Narrabeen:


This was the view overlooking the Long Reef Golf course and Dee Why Beach from the headland:


The local council provides a number of information booklets; though most have been vandalized. This was an interesting quote on non-vandalized portion of the stand:


A few final shots, of me, a Geocache, and the views:


Interview on The Token Skeptic Podcast

In case you missed it, a few months ago I was interviewed by Kylie Sturgess of the Token Skeptic Podcast (see: The kitty cat image to the right). You can read the blurb at Kylie’s podcast website here. I realize that I waffle on, go off on tangents… and sound like Darth Vader, but the podcast covered two of my projects, Report A Rort (You can also “like” it on Facebook) and Seek The Evidence.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here or stream it here.

Much thanks to Kylie for the encouragement!

Perisher: The Trip There


Mandy’s birthday was on Thursday, and while a chunk was spent packing, the majority was spent driving south-west. For her birthday, we took a trip to Perisher, a Ski Resort nestled amongst the Snowy Mountains about 5.5hrs outside Sydney.

On the way to our Accommodation in Cooma we passed a number of dead animals, surprisingly more wombats were sighted than Kangaroos, with some of the wombats being some impressively massive blocks of meat.

We drove right through the Australian Capital Territory without having to get out of the car, and was surprised at just how populated the ACT actually is.

A few more hours driving in the dark (while listening to Episode 6 of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS streamed over YouTube) and we made it to Cooma.

We stayed at a nice little place – the Cooma Motor Lodge, the first accommodation on the left when entering Cooma. Rates were cheap – and even cheaper because I got them from – the only downside was the fact there is was no cooking allowed in our room, there’s a kettle, just no toaster or microwave.

The Cooma Motor Lodge has central heating – non adjustable, a decent HD Widescreen TV with Digital and Austar, and was clean and comfortable.


I would however suggest bringing along a small heater .. The temperature was bearable, but can get chilly!