Too Many Too Soon? New Video Explores The Question

“Too many, too soon!” is the favored battle cry of the anti-vaccine crowd. Too many shots, too many antigens, too close together.” AcademicEarth believes that everyone has the right to a world-class education, and recognizing the existing barriers in academia, they have continued their efforts to curate a collection of free online courses from the world’s […]

“Big Pharma” fails to convince TGA of product efficacy

In April last year, pharmaceutical company Key-Sun Laboratories were unable to substantiate claims they had made in an advertisement for a cold & flu product to the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Complains Resolution Panel, Australia’s consumer protection watchdog for therapeutic goods. The product, “Oscilococinum” is a manufactured by Boiron – who themselves were the target of […]

RiAus: A Week in Science

Check out this first release for 2013 of the Royal Institute of Australia’s Vodcast, A Week in Science. Hosted by RiAus Director, Dr. Paul Willis, the three minute clip runs through a series of interesting developments in science over the past week. Check it out:

Favourite Video of the Week: Neil deGrasse Tyson – Dream of Tomorrow

Uploaded last March, the video was produced by AJ Salas. Dream of Tomorrow features Neil deGrasse Tyson, renowned science advocate and astrophysicist. Tyson’s speech is from his testimony at the Senate Science Committee in March, 2012 regarding the US governments’ budget for NASA.

Uncut Footage: Alister McGrath & Richard Dawkins on Christianity

While one of the more intellectual responses I have seen to Dawkins, McGrath’s points are ultimately utilitarian – ie: Having faith that God exists assists people to make sense of the world, therefore he exists. A 15 Part series, videos are relatively short ~5 Minutes. httpv://


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