Project Barnum: An Easy Experiment

Here’s an easy-to-put-together experiment for Astrology from Project Barnum,


 Project Barnum is run by Hayley Stevens (, and more resources from Project Barnum can be located here.

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Creationist Kent Hovind accepts evolution happens, just don’t call it that

In a recent release on YouTube from Potholer54, he demonstrated that convicted fraud, Kent Hovind accepts that evolution happens – regardless of what he wants to call it.


It’s fascinating that he can both declare evolution is both happening, and not happening – that takes some solid mental gymnastics.

AE: Do atheists have faith?

An oft heard retort is that “it requires as much faith to believe there isn’t a god than to believe there is one”; a caller to the call-in program “Atheist Experience” suggested just that.

Be sure the stick around TILL THE END. I wasn’t expecting THAT response from the caller!


Yale Online: Fundamentals of Physics


From video description:

Professor Shankar introduces the course and answers student questions about the material and the requirements. He gives an overview of Newtonian mechanics and explains its two components: kinematics and dynamics. He then reviews basic concepts in calculus through two key equations: x = x0 + v0t + ½ at2 and v2 = v02+ 2 a (x-x0), tracing the fate of a particle in one dimension along the x-axis.

00:00 – Chapter 1. Introduction and Course Organization
21:25 – Chapter 2. Newtonian Mechanics: Dynamics and Kinematics
28:20 – Chapter 3. Average and Instantaneous Rate of Motion
37:56 – Chapter 4. Motion at Constant Acceleration
52:37 – Chapter 5. Example Problem: Physical Meaning of Equations
01:08:42 – Chapter 6. Derive New Relations Using Calculus Laws of Limits

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Fall 2006.

QualiaSoup: Skewed views of Science [Video]

IMO, QualiaSoup produces some of the most concise explanations of the topic in focus and produces videos with a good production value; I even use them at [Seek The Evidence] as a way of explaining various topics.

This particular video takes a look at the pitfalls of arguing against science from incomprehension or emotion.


Keynote: Neil DeGrasse Tyson at The Amazing Meeting 6 (TAM6)

Astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson is the host of NOVA scienceNOW on PBS, and has been a frequent guest on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

His keynote address from TAM6 is regarded as one of the most entertaining presentations from any Amaz!ng Meeting.


16:36 Prayer and Cancer…..
19:50 Swami Levitation…..
24:11 MARS Virus…..
27:00 Fear Of Numbers…..
29:08 Naming Rights…..
38:15 Jury Duty 1…..
41:01 Jury Duty 2 (Cocaine)…..
52:34 Islam’s Fall…..
57:10 Religion and Science
1:02:50 Intelligent Design
1:03:30 Stupid Design (classic)
1:05:10 Birth of Atheism
1:07:30 Religion among scientist
1:12:26 Bible in the Classroom
1:15:49 Einstein and God put to rest!

The end of stuff you may have missed

No, no. Not the end of this blog.

Given that MobileRSS hasn’t updated since the release of Apples iOS 5.0, I’m going to cease having the “every-few-days” publication of “Stuff you may have missed”.

Overall, there’s far too much involved in getting it out other than the simple tap in MobileRSS that allowed me to add articles to my Google Reader Shared Feed, or my Favourites Feed, which was eventually used to publish to this blog.

This may change if Pulse, my now favorite RSS Reader adopts some of the suggestions I presented; specifically, the ability to share to Google Readers’ “Shared” and “Favourites” feeds.

There is however some projects I have been working on that have not had the attention they deserve, and a backlog of videos I’d like to share, so I’ll be queuing them up over the next few months.