An unbelievably unreasonable, waste of time.


I need to stops engaging with the unreasonable.

For a while last night I thought I was finally out of an argument with someone who made it clear they would refuse to change their mind, irrespective of the evidence; but, as it turned out that I ended up jumped down the rabbithole again, but this time on my own blog – this time, about claims that NASA consults the Sikh’s – I won’t sugar coat it.

It got messy, and it wasn’t surprising that it was the pious that decided to decent in to accusing my dead mother of beastiality.

The accusation itself didn’t phase me; what I found obnoxious was the fact that this persons’ INTENT was to be offensive – to me, in their mind, they felt they were righteous to do so because they believed they were defending their “faith”.

So in the future, perhaps I should approach these situations with the following in mind – Is there evidence that would change their mind?

If not, I need to walk away.

I don’t see much point engaging with the willfully ignorant on a personal level.

But, if there is something that they declare would change their mind, get the evidence needed and go from there.

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