The Evidence for AGW: CO2 Levels are rising because of Fossil Fuels

It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine given the amount of CO2 we put into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (almost 30 billion tonnes), that this may have a causal link to the amount of CO2 that remains in the atmosphere; so let’s explore the empirical evidence that demonstrates that the rising CO2 levels is from Fossil Fuels.

Firstly, it is important to note that the carbon atom has several different isotopes (eg – different number of neutrons). For instance, Carbon 12 has six neutrons, whilst carbon 13 has seven.

As plants have a lower C13 to C12 ratio than the atmosphere, if rising atmospheric CO2 were from fossil fuels, the ratio of C13 to C12 in the atmosphere should fall as the fossil fuels are burnt.

And indeed, this isotope ratio falling trend is exactly what is observed:
This is directly measured evidence that demonstrates that fossil fuels are the source of the rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

Critical Thinking Dictionary for Kids

Noticed a recent, and on-going development of a “Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids“; a collection of words from Abracadabra to Zombies!

From the Website:

Like any dictionary, this skeptic’s dictionary gives the meanings of words. This dictionary not only tells you what words like ‘ghost’ mean, it tells you what scientists and skeptics think about ghosts.

You probably know what a scientist is, but you may not know what a skeptic is. Skeptics are people who ask questions. They inquire. They don’t believe something just because everybody else does. They investigate.

It was last updated within the last few weeks, so expect more to come!

[Update]: Kylie Sturgess interview with Robert Todd Carroll about the Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids!

Interview on The Token Skeptic Podcast

In case you missed it, a few months ago I was interviewed by Kylie Sturgess of the Token Skeptic Podcast (see: The kitty cat image to the right). You can read the blurb at Kylie’s podcast website here. I realize that I waffle on, go off on tangents… and sound like Darth Vader, but the podcast covered two of my projects, Report A Rort (You can also “like” it on Facebook) and Seek The Evidence.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here or stream it here.

Much thanks to Kylie for the encouragement!

Manga Guide to the Universe

Manga Guide to the Universe

Okay, so this is just frickin’ awesome.

No Starch Press (@nostarch) has released a Manga Guide to the Universe. You can Download the Prologue and Chapter 1:  “Is Earth the Center of the Universe?” for free as a preview.

Join Kanna, Kanta, Yamane, and Gloria in The Manga Guide to the Universe as they explore our solar system, the Milky Way, and faraway galaxies in search of the universe’s greatest mysteries: dark matter, cosmic expansion, and the Big Bang itself.

As you rocket across the night sky, you’ll become acquainted with modern astronomy and astrophysics, as well as the classical discoveries and theories on which they’re built. You’ll even learn why some scientists believe finding extraterrestrial life is inevitable!

You’ll also learn about:

  • Discoveries made by Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Hubble, and other seminal astronomers
  • Theories of the universe’s origins, evolution, and geometry
  • The ways you can measure and observe heavenly bodies with different telescopes, and how astronomers calculate distances in space
  • Stellar classifications and how the temperature, size, and magnitude of a star are related
  • Cosmic background radiation, what the WMAP satellite discovered, and scientists’ predictions for the future of the universe

So dust off your flight suit and take a fantastic voyage through the cosmos in The Manga Guide to the Universe.

Check it out and get your kid or kids a copy!