Stabbing out neighbours’ eyes fails to solve money problems

Looks like it’s official: Stabbing your neighbours eyes out with scissors won’t fix your money problems.


A family in the central Indian Village of Khaira, in the Chhattisgarh State had been having money and health problems. The culprit was obvious. A 45-year-old woman, S.S. Baghel – who they claimed was practicing witchcraft.

Stab your worries away

Brutalities, mainly against women are usually related to witchcraft and are not new for the illiterate and tribal areas Chhattisgarh. Women accused of witchcraft are often killed or paraded naked.

Eleven people stormed the home of the women, where they proceeded to beat her up, held her hands up, and blind her by stabbing their eyes out with scissors. When he husband tried to intervene, the group turned on him and stabbed his eyes out as well.

10 suspects have arrested, police said.

The doctor at the local hospital confirmed that would probably never be able to see again; lest they use witchcraft to restore their eyesight.

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