Is Magic Making a Return?

Rudy Coby is Labman!

I distinctly remember Rudy Colby (though forgot his name till asking Penn Jillette), who hosted “The Rudy Colby Experiment” as LABMAN! Interestingly enough, there was almost no mention of his signature hands on hips stance, eccentric hair style, and mad-scientist gimmick that I could use to track him down!

When I was younger I remember a time when Magic shows were all the rage each Friday or Saturday night. There would be a series, or a TV special where well-known magicians such as David Copperfield would perform.

Here’s a segment from Rudy Coby’s “Ridiculously Dangerous” where the takes the piss out of David Copperfield


Recently ABC has been airing Lawrence Leung’s “Unbelievable” series, which looks at a number of subjects. Tonights’ episode was on Magic, featuring Tim Ellis!

The Masked Magician

Channel 7 is also getting ready to air “Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic Secrets Revealed” – a repeat of a series that first came to Television back in 1997. (It will be available here for 7 days after airing from Channel 7’s Website) A revival in illusions and deception has been brewing with “The One” being aired shortly, and while it’s been suggested that the timing of this in Australia has something to do with John Edwards being challenged in Interviews, but I think it’s been coming since the airing of Fool Us in the UK.

Then there will be the UK Series “The Magicians” which will be showing on Australia’s FOX8. You can watch a trailer here – I already have this booked for recording on our Foxtel IQ.

It seems Magic has been making a steady come back since Penn & Teller began their new TV Series “Fool Us” in the United Kingdom; and I hope it continues!

Below Penn & Teller speak about the new series.


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