This morning I was looking for false claims of cancer cures and subsequently came across the blog “Surviving Cancer Naturally”  and was quite annoyed at the cynical reasons against Cancer Fund-raising.

She asked what People thought.  I replied, but as yet, I’m not aware of it being published. Despite Spam apparently getting the Green Light.


You seem cynical rather than informed.

“All this money seems to go to pharmaceutical funded research labs to find new drugs to try out on us, which cost lots of money and all they are good for is making the pharmaceutical companies richer in the long run.”

Have you actually seen the financial records for Cancer Fundraising? The information is freely available, and shows where the money goes — and it’s not to private “pharmaceutical funded labs”.

Comparatively, Alternative Medicine companies spend far more money on marketing and research and development. Pharmaceutical companies have to pay countless researchers to test for efficacy before they release a new product, and when it does, it is generally restricted in sale.

Alternative Medicine companies don’t do research because their sole mode of evidence are testimonials. This is erroneous and fallacious reasoning to establish if a treatment is effective.

Alternative Medicine practioners sell their products and services to the financial benefit of no one but themselves; however in most cases pharmaceutical companies have shareholders, investors, and their employees to be responsible for.

This isn’t to say all Big Pharma is good, far from it — there are certainly dodgy things that occur, including the sale of “remedies” proven not to work.

Is this their fault? Yes and no, they should be taking the ethical ground to not sell products that don’t work; but they take advantage that governments, such as Australia’s have given special permission to some treatments because they are “traditional” with no evidence of efficacy required.

“In all my research, I haven’t seen a breakthrough in curing cancer despite the billions of dollars spent on research every year.”

I am dumfounded you came to this conclusion. We are constantly finding out new things about cancer, and how it propagates. If perhaps you are having trouble locating this information, I certainly direct you to many places that discuss this.

“Take a look at the alternative cancer treatments which are all there quietly in the background and haven’t changed over many years and continue to be so effective that lives are changed and saved constantly.”

Alternative Medicine is, by definition, has failed to prove it works, or been proven not to work. Do you know what Alternative Medicine that is proven to work is called?


“This information is not freely available unless you spend lots of time searching for it and doctors certainly do not offer anything other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.”

That’s certainy not true, too. Information about “Alternative” medicines and therapies are rife, and their subsequent consequence are seen through-out the news on a daily basis. People frequently die from the misconception that these “alternatives” are efficacious when the fact is, it isn’t.

“I think it is an outrageous social injustice that governments and big drug companies know what is going on but continue to try to pull the wool over our eyes.”

Agreed. All forms of medicines and therapies should prove they work. Something that is NOT the case for products “listed” by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

That’s what I think.

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