“NaturalParenting.com.au” – Vaccines, Homeopathy, and Lies

Over at NaturalParenting we can see an article that brings together nicely both false balance and outright lying.

NaturalParenting believes there is some type of debate regarding the efficacy of Vaccines, ignoring the fact that such diseases as smallpox, whooping cough, and polio having been largely eradicated except in areas where widespread vaccination has not been taken up.

Erroneously, NP attributes equal, or higher value to the information released by Homeopaths and CAM publications, than that of objective science-based medical journal; while providing “evidence” from these publications is a conflict of interest it is not this that discredits them – it is that ONLY in these publications do statistically significantly positive results occur.

Why? Sometimes its because they are largely without good controls against bias, sometimes it’s the use of flawed logic, they often use small sample sizes, and sometimes it’s because they make unfounded or erroneous extrapolations. It generally comes down to poor methodology – and this is why we have actual scientists (not Homeopaths) and researchers (not training homeopaths) who conduct blinded studies so bias is removed; and even then the studies results need to be replicated by others; usually with stricter controls.

Giving credibility to Homeopathy Journals to report on the efficacy of Homeopathy is akin to accepting a UFO Magazine will be giving an unbiased account of sighting as evidence of Alien visitation.

Getting back to NP, they’ve decided to go the way of being a Germ Theory Deniers – Ignoring centuries of observable, predictable, replicated experiments, trials, and research proving this. It is just absurd.

They’ve also decided to ignore how vaccines are given, lying to Mothers looking for good information and telling them that their child’s vaccines will be administered directly in to the bloodstream. Additionally, NaturalParenting isn’t even aware of the mechanism of Vaccination; stating that Vaccines don’t allow a child’s body to build antibodies. — That’s EXACTLY what vaccines DO – Stimulate the production of anti-bodies!

NaturalParenting goes on to talk about “toxins”, such as mercury (ignoring that vaccines use a non-bio-accumulating Ethyl Mercury; and was replaced in 2002 for a better preservative), formaldehyde (ignoring the body produces far higher quantities within us), and fetuses (which is outright bullshit).

More evidence of Vaccination Ignorance comes when NP says that people vaccination still get the disease vaccinated for. Vaccines do not STOP children from getting diseases, they help children fight it off when they DO get it. It’s like putting some money away for a rainy day. It may never come; but if it does, without it – you could be screwed. Or in this case, possibly dead.

So why all the Anti-Vaccination? Well, of course, NaturalParenting says you can go the Homeopathic Way! And hey, the Author is a Homeopath, so it’s not as if she’s got anything to sell.

Given that the only links given are pushers of misinformation, including that of the AVN, to say NaturalParenting is pro-choice is naive.

It is websites like this that causes heartache; administering sugar pills to people for the prevention of serious, and potentially deadly diseases is not just dangerous – but ethically abhorrent.

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