NSW Government supporting “integrated” Medicine

Today’s Post was going to be about Aspartame, but not any more.

I am so cheesed off this morning.

I checked Twitter to find that Meryl-Fucking-Dorey’s Australian Vaccination Network (Yes, the same Science-Denying, Bullshit artists that brought the misinformation about the MMR Vaccines to Australia) CONGRATULATE the NSW Government on its decision to fund a Chinese Medical Clinic.

“Kudos to the NSW government. It’s a start. http://fb.me/QVtefyuY” – Australian (Anti) Vaccination Network

Government funds Sydney Chinese medicine centre

You can view the story stub here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/01/18/3115581.htm

Essentially, the Chinese and NSW Government have partnered to create a $75-million dollar Medical Centre, where “Willoughby Council mayor Pat Reilly says visiting Chinese doctors will work with local researchers to provide treatment integrating the two traditions.”

Perhaps Mayor Pat Reilly doesn’t understand what medicine is – there should only ever be evidence-based medicine.
If the medical practices they use are supported by evidence, awesome. Bring it on and use it.

The clinic proposed may be educating Chinese Medical Practitioners, and that’s a good thing, but given that the Chinese Government has embarked on overhauling their National Health System, perhaps less of the apologist direction of “integration” should be taken; rather it should consist of the uptake of modern medicine being taught throughout their own health system.

Any positive clinical findings of effectiveness and possible incorporation into the Medical field can always be done through Research, Trials, Replication, Reviews, and Testing.

That’s why evidence-based medicine work and bullshit doesn’t.

You don’t make good medicines by making an Integrated Health Clinic and drizzling some herbal tea over it to improve its “Jing”

The Bullshit Health Foods

Now, you may think I’m being a little hasty about this.
After all, if it works, it’s OK, right? Sure! If it works – but it doesn’t.

Here are some of the products they sell (http://www.healthpac.com.au/en/health_foods.asp):

Ten Flavour Great Tonic Pills $8.90

This products assists conditions related to the deficiency of both vital energy (Qi) and blood, marked by pale looks, tiredness, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, sweating, cold extremities or excessive menstruation.

Not withstanding the fact there is no evidence of a “vital energy” – and the word “energy” is used erroneously, the product is a “cure-all” type of snake-oil – or tablet which I am sure has no credible, well-controlled, clinical evidence that supports its efficacy beyond that of placebo – Which at the end of the day means it is NOT effective.

Six Flavour Tonic $12.90

Beijing TongRen Tang’s Six Flavour Tonic Pills nourishes and enriches Liver and Kidney yin. It can relieve symptoms including weakness and soreness of the lower back and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth, night sweats, seminal emission, and general weakness due to the deficiency of Liver and Kidney yin.

And here’s another, trying to sell the concept that the Liver and Kidney have a magical, all-powerful “yin” that can cured with a nondescript tonic.

And this one, I think is especially heinous.

Five Seeds Eugenic Supporter $15.90

Five Seeds Eugenic Supporter not only enhances fertility, but improves sperm count by replenishing the Kidney and strengthening ‘Jing’, which in traditional Chinese medical thought is the essence of life, and is one of the basic materials for the formation of the human body. This product can be used for (1) Impotence, premature ejaculation and emission, (2) Lower back pain, dribbling urination (3) Male infertility (4) Female infertility (5) Repeated miscarriage (6) reoccurring mouth ulcers.

Repeated Miscarriage?! Do they have credible clinical trials supporting this? Again, a shotgun load of symptoms with a “cure-all” remedy brought to you by a mythical, unsubstantiated claim of “Jing”.

So, what else does this Medical Clinic do?

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Absurdly enough the NSW Government is quite happy to also assist in the funding of Colonic Hydrotherapy.

What’s that, you ask? Here’s a quick video that walks you through the nitty-gritty.

A red flag goes up when someone tells me they can cure my Acne by sticking water up my arsehole and running water around in my colon; but that doesn’t stop them from making the claims – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4wA-LfeNsw

Whoever the woman is, I couldn’t be stuffed playing it again, says that it a RECOMMENDED way to fix skin problems. Oddly I’m not aware of too many Doctors recommending this, nor have I heard anyone mention this. Did they miss the Memo?

I especially love when she awkwardly tells you that you will..  “release a lot more emotionally” .. “Built up emotional toxins”..”by massaging your abdomen”…. Ouch!

And.. then she goes on to make the colon a Homunculus, stating that there are points in our colon that represents parts of our body. With things like acupuncture, palmistry, reflexology, it’s any wonder the body can keep up with all these “pressure points”!

Anyway, for some sensible information, go see Dr. David Gorski’s article “Colon Cleanses”: A Load of You Know What…

Colon “cleanses”: A load of you know what…

Oh! Something good!

About the only thing that made me think “At least there’s that!” was the WorkCover section that recommended vaccination.


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