My Own Changing Climate

From what I notice in the Media, the use of “Climate Change” is a basic term that is often misrepresented and misused in a vague context; — especially by the media advocates of global warming, which definitely doesn’t help the cause. This certainly doesn’t leave the “Climate Change Skeptics” out, because I often hear it thrown about in the wrong context.

I believe the appropriate term that should be used when talking about the theory behind man-made climatic change should be Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC), or when specifically speaking about Global Warming, AGW. — Something both sides of the debate seldom do.

For myself, what was most compelling was the fact that Agriculture uses Co2 to artificially create the greenhouse effect to help in growing plants. We know this isn’t correlation, but causative by the increases of Co2 in these glasshouses. For me, explaining it with this very simple analogy – that many people can witness, and relate to – is the easiest way to demonstrate that Co2 can, in fact, cause heating.

Globally, we had levels of around 230ppm, and it has been steadily increasing. Greenhouses use in excess of the estimated 330ppm currently in Earth’s atmosphere, using upwards of 380-1000ppm. I found interesting, at these levels, some plant life actually increase mass by up to 50%. Continue reading →